New to the dual cab world

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New to the dual cab world

Post by Gdiggity »

Hi everyone.
I recently stumbled across this page after putting a deposit on a new ranger.
New to the world of having a dual cab as a daily. Recently let my 05 cruiser go :(

So far happy with my ranger (fx4), canopy gets fitted in a few weeks then I'll fit some drawers and gear to make life easier.


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Re: New to the dual cab world

Post by D-ranged »

Hey Gdiggity, welcome to this awesome Forum. Where're you based?
Now, about your first up pic. If you posted it off Taptalk, they maybe you can see the whole of vehicle, but for knuckledraggers like me on PC, we don't get the whole image, so you may have to re-size your images or run the risk of grumpy discontent from some of us... ;)
Regardless, we all look forward to more pics as you fine tune your Ranger.
Cheers 8-)
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Re: New to the dual cab world

Post by lincolnland »

Welcome along bro! Have a read of the annual ranger meetup thread. Its in qld in may 2018. Be great to see u there. Also, in November this year we have a vic high country trip booked in. Come slong for some fun, get involved and have 3 cans with us. Cheers!
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