G'day from scratcha

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G'day from scratcha

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G'day all, ive been converted to the Ranger family, Just (two weeks ago) purchased a demo 2015, yep, 2015 PX2 XLT duel cab 4by.
Got a great trade on the old triton, couldn't knock it back.

She goes in tomorrow for a EFS bar, I'm having a custom aluminium checker plate canopy built for it, hope to put an exhaust on her before Christmas.

Im down in Ferntree gully, but spend most weekends up at the farm in bonnie doon chasing cows and fixing stuff the father in law has broken.

Hope to do a simmo crossing in it next year, we will have to see how that pans out though......im restoring a 74' 1418 Mercedes truck, and stuff on that is hard to find, and dear when ya do!

Hope to see some of you about.

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Re: G'day from scratcha

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Re: G'day from scratcha

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G'day Mate and welcome to the Rangerhood. Geezz a 1418......I had a G88 Volvo about that time. The Euro trucks back then were so far ahead of the the rest and it seems nothing has changed.
Mate check out the Second Annual Ranger Meet thats happening in Qld.
Cheers, Butch.
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Re: G'day from scratcha

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I had a 68 Diamond T 6 wheel tipper, 354 Perkins, 5sp with 4 sp Joey, vacumn brakes (read no brakes) but built like a brick outhouse. Ahhh the good old days ;) :lol:
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Re: G'day from scratcha

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G’day mate, you should show us some pics of the ranger. I’ve heard a few stories about how 1418’s could be a very fast rig up & down the Hume back in the day :)
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