Picking up wildtrak in 2 weeks

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Picking up wildtrak in 2 weeks

Post by jackagi87 »

Hey guys, just thought i'd introduce myself.

I've just ordered a Wildtrak after being messed around by Toyota. I had ordered a HiLux Rogue, on the 27th of March and was strung along until Monday (4th of June) with promises that it will be ready soon.... Every time I called I was told it was going to be ready next week...

On Monday I was called to say that now unfortunately it won't be until mid AUGUST!!! So I asked for my deposit back due to the enormous wait, well lets just see how that goes... I have no faith in the dealer and am severely disappointed.

The only reason I didn't go with Wildtrak first is because it doesn't have keyless go and entry like the HiLux, however upon further inspection it does have a million more features than the Toyota.
Anyway meteor grey on the way, i was promised 2 weeks!

Any tips i need to know?

thanks guys!

- Jack
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