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From Euro to Ranger

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Hey Everyone,

New to 4wd's unless i can class a Subaru brumby as a 4wd :)
(not sure why the image wouldn't load inside of the img tags)

The family has been camping more often so I figured it was time to take the next step up to a more suited vehicle (Now on the lookout for a camper trailer)

Have a massive list of things I will be doing, but get concerned around ford and warranty's so any advise would be greatly appreciated. I am also not familiar with brands so any recommendation on brands / companies would also be a great help :)

Also is there a recommended place to get service work / modifications made in Canberra ?

Snokel (Done, Factory)
Brake Controller (Done, Factory)
Front Bar / Winch (Unsure which)
2" Lift (Unsure Which)
Canopy (aeroklas?)
Roller Tray
Chip (Possible to get a removable one for warranty? unichip?, used to a v8 and would love to have a bit more up and go)
Exhaust (Unsure)
Accessories (Max Trax's etc)
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