Howdy from Melbourne

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Howdy from Melbourne

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Hi All. Picked up a PX2 XLS Dual Cab last week and looking for some recommendations for "Must Do's".

Coming from a PJ XLT, with a 40mm lift, Ironman canopy, XROX bar, ironman solid rear step, reversing cam with new Pioneer headunit, blocked EGR, diff and gearbox/transfer breathers, slotted rotors, muffler delete spotties, lightbar UHF, etc.

The PX2 is an August build with a Sync2, so I believe that this is a pre DPF vehicle. It has 110,000 on it.

Getting a service on Wednesday as the book isn't stamped for 105,000 but it isnt sooking, so I dont know whether it has been done or not.

I do need a canopy and this would be a must do in the next week. Any recommendation in Melbourne?

It is a work vehicle, so I am looking at keeping it for the longer term, say 9-10 years and it needs to be reliable.

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Re: Howdy from Melbourne

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Hey fred99999au, thanks for the intro. Many people on here are from Melbourne. Search function tends to answer most questions but if not, just ask.


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