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Hi All,

Thought I should get around to this..
South Brisbane area, Australia. John.

We have a 2013 BT50 XTR, last owners only did the towbar, brake controller and canopy.

So far I have done:
Ebay Snorkel
9inch Osram Driving Lights (Kings). Old Lightforce are in the photo.
3 Inch exhaust / 100 cell cat and hotdog muffler. Changing to a 200+ cell cat, didn't realise the 100 cell is weak as p***.
TDI Tuning CRTD4 box.This has to be the best thing I've done. The difference is night/day. Uninstalled it recently to see if it was making a difference. I installed it again quickly.
Catch Can and Pre-Filter.

Bypassed Trans cooler to it's own dedicated twin pass cooler. Sits between intercooler and radiator with about 1.5 inches front and back. Thermo fan attached to the front of the intercooler that comes on when tranny hits 90 at the front (100 at box). Installed a switch so that I can turn the fan on at any time, usually on all the time when on sand. I treat the thermo switch as a fail safe should I 'forget' to turn it on... Wired it in so the light is on when the fan is on regardless of switch or thermistor. This has made a huge difference for sand driving. Engine and Gearbox temp sits a lot lower. Gearbox has only ever got to 110 in really soft stuff. Normally sits around 90.

Double Din stereo Fascia from China.
Aerpro kit for steering controls, reverse trigger, etc.
Double Din android stereo with Reverse cam, DAB, etc.
Changed the front accessory socket to a dual USB fast charger. Both front sockets switch with accessories now. Only the rear socket stays on.
Autotechnica 3 in 1 gauges mounted where the old stereo display was. Water Temp, Oil Pressure, Main Batt Volts / EGT, Boost, Aux Batt Volts. Standard Gearbox Oil Temp.
To get the EGT/Boost to show the Aux Batt volts, I had to run a dedicated lead to the Aux Battery and a separate mini pcb relay just for this gauge, the sensors for that gauge run off the same power supply as the gauge (aux) to make sure there is no accuracy issues.. It works, just made sure there was no voltage drop along the wire. Had to rotate the gauges 45 degrees as the LCD is polarised 90 degrees. My sunglasses are polarised, making them useless otherwise. Thought it was strange as most automotive gear is polarised at 45 degrees for this very issue..

Ebay slim subwoofer behind the back seat. Not into doof doof, this just adds a lot more depth to any music. Stock speakers are plenty good enough for mid to highs.
Good seat of sheepskin covers.

Made a 6 gang switch panel and popped it into the sunglass holder behind the interior light.
Switches include Power when key not on (Dash cameras, sockets), Side lights on roof, Rock lights (under body), Trans cooler fan, Air Compressor.

In the tub:
An alloy fridge slide and draws I threw together and carpeted.
130aH Gel battery
20a DC-DC Charger
600w Inverter
Air Compressor with 18L Tank
Not pictured is the power switch for sockets and fridge switch.

Used a volt sense circuit and a few 80 amp 5 pin relays. Engine on, engine powers everything so the aux charger can do it's job with no loads. This also lets me flow the aux battery power through the same heavy cable back to the front of the car too. So everything inside (Sockets, stereo, dash cameras) switches over to the Aux automatically.

On the roof is a set of Kings Trackmount racks. These to me are better than the other type. Seems to be able to distribute the weight better and feels more solid.
An alloy tray I made from security screen and 25x50 alloy sits on the racks. Side awning and side lights.

Pretty much finished. One day will do tyres and a proper lift. At the moment the highway tyres have never let me down on the sand.

This forum has helped me with some research. Especially for ideas :)
Main shot
Main shot
Roof Tray, photo is dark. Just took it.
Draw setup. Mostly made with alloy RHS/SHS, with thin plywood for 'walls'. The top is pretty much level with the top of the tub. Yellow anderson is for solar input. Fridge section was built higher to suit our fridge. When we update it I plan on lowering this.
Switch panel in the cabin.
Trans cooler with fan attached to the front of the intercooler.
Stereo fascia. The gauges took me ages to get right, but looks factory to me. Wife approves, so mission success! haha.
The gauges have since been rotated 45 degrees to the left due to the polarising issue. Here they are pictured level.
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Re: BT50 in SEQLD

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Welcome jonchaka,

Nice job, good write up and pics. Tick, tick, tick. Yep, all boxes ticked.

Well done.


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