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Hi There. Not a Ranger owner yet - but doing some research.

Love the look of all of the models (especially the wildtrak) - but stuck deciding on model.....

Has anyone purchased a particular model and found features missing/pointless?..........There are loads of different variants out there (and combinations) - i.e. specced up XLT to match the Wildtrak.

Also Canopy vs sliding roller lid - is the roller lid too restrictive vs plastic/fiberglass canopy cover?

any help from those in the know would be great.....

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Re: howdy

Post by TCuz »

Hi Andy,
If you get one of these then you've made a good choice in Utes. Spose I'm biassed as I have a 2.0lt TT Wildtrak X, but the car is a pleasure to drive. It's NOT a truck.
The roller shutter does take up a bit of room, but you can live with that - especially if you're thinking of a canopy. The new one will be a bit gimmicky with remote controls if you like that idea.
The Sync3 is absolutely magic to use, and with the Voice operated controls, it makes driving so easy.
We can go on - Lane deviation control, predictive Cruise Control, Down hill driving management and the Alarm and Warning systems are all very good and aids to better and safer driving.
Went fishing yesterday and 4 out of 5 utes at the ramp were Rangers.
Just love it!!

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