Hi Guys, anyone help me out on this one?

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Hi Guys, anyone help me out on this one?

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Hi Guys, Dave from Sydney. Was apart of newtriton forums for awhile and everyone was really helpful over there. Hope you guys can do the same. Cheers in advance.

Ive recently acquired a 2016 Mazda BT50 3.2L Turbo Diesel (copy of Ranger I beleive). Last owner had transmission fail and replaced by Mazda. About a 3 week later driving and a knocking sound appears. Drives 40 minutes to car mech, he hears the Alternator pulley needing replacement. Replaces it. Goes to start again and nothing. Cranks over, runs for literally a second and shuts down. No fault codes.

So far read a lot on Crank sensor possible cause. Ive had harness off and symptoms change so do not believe this is the issue. In the process of opening timing cover to check chain, tensioners etc, check chain hasnt jumped a cog.

Has anyone seen this issue before, know any more info etc?

Thanks guys
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Re: Hi Guys, anyone help me out on this one?

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Hi Dave,

Welcome on board. Sorry not a problem I have heard of before. Will let others help out if they have seen it before. The search function on this forum is brilliant and may help turn something up for you.


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