First time Ranger owner - Brisbane

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First time Ranger owner - Brisbane

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Hi all. I moved to Brisbane from the US about 7 years ago. I’ve been driving a 94 Hilux and have since upgraded to a 2012 Wildtrak. Quite a difference!

I drive around town about 95% of the time but like to head up the beach a few times a year. Also looking at hiring a small pop top camper a few times a year.

It came with a canopy and drawers. Pretty pleased with those. I’ve added the grunt tailgate assist struts and tinted the windows.
Next, I’m thinking a lift kit.
Narrowing it down to EFS or Fulcrum.
Looking forward to hearing everyone’s advice.
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Re: First time Ranger owner - Brisbane

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Welcome mate. I don’t have either of the two you are considering so can’t really comment but wanted to welcome you. It’s worth a good search using the search function. It works really well and there’s a crap load of info on here. People share heaps and are always willing to help. Good luck.

Cheers, DJ
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