G'day to one and all!

Check In and Say G'day
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G'day to one and all!

Post by PirateGloves »

Well it feels like a dogs age since the last time I was on an automotive forum, but here we are.
I have recently acquired my dream car, a 2013 PX1 XLT 4x4 Supercab.
Current mods include:
Old Man Emu 2" Lift
ARB Winch Bar
12V wiring in the tub
Long Range Fuel Tank
Other things I've probably forgotten.

Anyway, nice to meet you all, looking forward to picking all your brains about how to get things set up. Already found some excellent advice about stereo upgrades, so thanks for that KTM39!

If anybody has some advice for mounting dual batteries, and fitting rooftop tents over the tray (below the roof line) please let me know!

Re: G'day to one and all!

Post by lincolnland »

Tub rack as per mickjt build, battery behind rear seat or mounted to passenger side chassis rail.
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Re: G'day to one and all!

Post by butch. »

G'day mate, Super cabs rule. Same year as mine. Welcome to the forum. Butch.
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Re: G'day to one and all!

Post by Prado - 3D »

Welcome mate and thank you for using your initiative and consulting the search function to tap into this extensive knowledge base.

Great to see a pic of the rig too.

Cheers, DJ
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