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Hi, Dean here from Perth Western Australia
I have a 2014 PX1 2.2 Auto ranger that I am currently changing to a 3.2 with the assistance of a pretty much destroyed 3.2 donor vehicle, I am taking my time and Im half way through the conversion, I have found that most 2.2 bit fit on to the 3.2 but some parts are either longer or shorter as the 3.2 is a longer engine.

I will post up a conversion thread later on once I have completed the conversion and I know the vehicles is running as it should.

I joined to find out how to do the EGR bypass, as that's what killed the 2.2, I will be doing the trans cooler bypass, also fitting the pre fuel filter and catch can when the 3.2 is fitted


Donor wreck, hit very hard front and rear, I only got 1 rear door from the right hand side :D the diff was torn out from the crash and missing :o .
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Re: Introduction

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Welcome mate. I’m from Perth as well. Post up pics and comments as you go. Plenty on knowledge here so search away or if you can’t find what you are looking for, just ask.

Cheers, DJ
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