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New to forum

Post by shmad »

Hi Everyone
I am scheduled to get my new Wildtrak in Feb 24, I can't wait to see how it tows my 2.8t van compared with my 19 DMax.

I am interested to know

1) Can the cruise control be used while towing ( Dmax wasn't advised while towing heavy loads)
2) I am looking to get a canopy & load rated roof racks fitted, any recommendations ?
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Re: New to forum

Post by Prado - 3D »

Hey mate, welcome.

Sorry, I can’t help with your questions, my rig is too old and I don’t have a canopy.

The search function at the top right hand corner works very well and has a heap of useful information.

Cheers, DJ
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Re: New to forum

Post by Cookie64 »

Hey folks,
new to this forum but regularly on other non specific vehicle forums

looking at going to a Next Gen Ranger V6 Sport but unsure if it will handle a 3.5T + Skid Steer with Trailer
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Re: New to forum

Post by Grant L1 »

Welcome, it might help if you stated the weight of the skid steer and trailer. It will handle the legal gcm weight and the only thing is, if you have constant max weight on the Ranger the rear springs will sag.
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