Fuel consumption.

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Fuel consumption.

Post by Kangaruloco »

.Had the Nov 2014 PX2 for three plus years and around Brisbane was achieving 7.9-8.2 L /100. At 50000 KLM changed from Woolworths sooty diesel to BP and within a few fills was getting 7.4-7.6 around town. Trips to longreach with a load of signage on roof rack plus tools and spare fuel got 6.9/100. Coming back without signage and extra fuel down to 6.7 .
Upgrade to the 2018 PX2, swapped out the tow bar, ladder racks and 3400long ally roof rack, ie totally SAME CONFIGURATION,SAME SPEC VEHICLE but at 31000 KLM it has not budged off of 9.2 in over 12 month's. Best indicated range has been 851klm . I have numerous photos of previous dash showing range of 1224, 1212 plus many over 1100klm. Of course these were never accurate and reality was usually 1000-1050. Can anyone offer suggestions as to why the 2018 model has not got anywhere near the performance of the 2014??. Has the extended warranty got any thing to do with this p*** poor performance??. Like to hear from anyone who can offer some hope to improve, or I'm dumping this for an F series that I can relate to and service myself
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Re: Fuel consumption.

Post by Rosspat »

That's good, have seen some with a best of 11 - 12 k/l
Depends how you drive I guess and yes, they are a bit under powered, but a 3lt diesel is just a 3lt diesel
I am sure an F series will use more.
If you are worried about fuel economy don't buy a 4wd.
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Re: Fuel consumption.

Post by jstanovic »

Are those figures from the trip meter or actual measured? If measured I reckon you have the most fuel efficient Ranger in Australia!!!

Later models with DPF seem to be less efficient than the non-DPF versions.
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Re: Fuel consumption.

Post by mjt57 »

I bought a demo Ranger Wildtrak 3.2 3 weeks ago. It has around 3,400km on the clock.

Two fills, first one when I picked it up and one a few days ago. Averaging around 12 or so. Mostly around town and to work and back (10km there on 100 and 80 kay roads).

I use an iOS app called Road Trip to record fuel and maintenance data on all of my vehicles. Been doing it since around 2012.

It too is recording around what the display is showing.

I'll be heading to Melbourne soon, so that'll soon tell me what highway cruising at 110 km/h is like.
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Re: Fuel consumption.

Post by Brente1982 »

MY17 models (with the DPF) and newer will always have less efficiency then their predecessors.
Ive got a heavy ass MY17 PX2 Ranger with canopy, roof rack, bull bar, larger tyres etc etc and I'm averaging between 11.7 and 12.1 mainly driving around Melbourne. Making sure the tyre size is correct with Forscan will also give you more accurate fuel readings i believe. When i put the larger tyres on i changed the settings so my speedo is not spot on with GPS speed.
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Re: Fuel consumption.

Post by cmar »

DPF fitted models have to inject extra fuel to raise the EGT enough to initiate a DPF burn. Nothing you can do about it, blame the legislation not the car. Be at least thankful Ford don't seem to have as many DPF specific issues as some other makes.
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