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Insurance choice

Post by newbieranger8 »

Hello everyone,

Another newbie question, can you please guide me which insurance I need to go with or consider as the Ranger is coming soon.

Here are the things I am confused or concerned about :

I don't intend to get any after market accessories when I buy it , but eventually it will be all terrain tyres , roof rack and an awning, is there an insurance when doesn't costs an arm or leg to cover these and or void a claim because of after market accessories?

Is there an insurance specifically for Ute or 4wd ?

I intend to do some light off roading and camping , how should that impact the insurance if it does ?

I do intend to pay for the entire year as I think that costs way less

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Insurance choice

Post by Grant L1 »

I use suncorp at the moment as all our insurance us with them. They accept all my mods to the ranger,.I tend to stick with them due to me having no problems with claims. One was for cyclone damage and the other for a lighting strike that destroyed most of our electrical/electronic gear. Replaced 2 10 year old computers,10 year old solar inverter with like for like.

Pity budget direct doesn't allow for any modifications, although I don't see what you are going to put on as modifications only accessories.
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Re: Insurance choice

Post by Brente1982 »

There is no 1 size fits all approach to insurance. 2 people could have identical cars, but get completely contrasting quotes for insurance. This is based on driving/claims history and more importantly where you actually live.
I'm with Shannon's at the moment on Agreed value, which does seem to punch the premium up quite considerably, but it covers everything vie done to the car.
I was with club4x4 when I first got my ranger, but their premium jumped $700 from first year to second year without a claim or single thing changing. So I definitely wasn't going to renew with them.

As for paying yearly or monthly or fortnightly, it all comes down to the insurer. Some wont penalise you for paying monthly, others will. Shannons don't penalise you (from memory)
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Re: Insurance choice

Post by Trublu »

I'm with RACV which I found to be reasonable; maybe because I have multiple policies and been with them for yonks. No trouble adding accessories so far with them as long it is legal of course.
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Re: Insurance choice

Post by l0n3r4ng3r »

We were with Alliance with a seniors discount scheme and never had trouble with accessories, but Ford were able to supply Alliance insurance even cheaper than we were already getting !!

Just saying, let Ford give you a quote on insurance, because it makes things even easier on delivery day, and the price was good.
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Re: Insurance choice

Post by widemr »

I was with Club 4x4 for 1 year. Not the cheapest but will allow you to insure your vehicle for pretty much whatever amount you want, obviously at a price.

However the next year the renewal came (i made no claims, no policy changes or fines) the new premium was a couple hundred more for 4 thousand less cover, pretty normal for insurance companys so i thought fine and agreed (by letting it auto renew) then few weeks later when it renewed i get the confirmation and the the premium had gone up again by several hundred compared to the renewal they sent a few weeks earlier! Same coverage, same coverage period, they just jacked the price up several hundred without telling me. Called them up and canceled. Could not care less why or if they would change it back to the first renewal price, sick of insurance companies, on principal i was done.
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Re: Insurance choice

Post by CC Steve »

When seeking quotes be aware of the difference between modifications and accessories. I can't recall which company it was, but I read in their PDS or FAQ how they treated them differently.

A modification is a change to the manufacurer's design, and usually incurs a higher premium. This could be larger wheels, exhaust, suspension changes, etc. An accessory would not incur a higher premium, other than when it increased the sum insured. This could be a canopy, bullbar, roof rack, etc. or something that does not replace the original manufacturer supplied item.
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