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Tub rack

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Hello all,
I am looking into mounting a tub rack that works with the electric roller shutter on the Wildtrak to mount a roof top tent. So far this is what I’m currently thinking:
https://www.performancesuspension.com.a ... kit-baja-r

The issue I’m having is finding the load limits and if I would need further support installed. The reason being that all the normal tub top racks like rhino state a max load limit of 25kg on the roller shutter. Any insight into this would be much appreciated!

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Re: Tub rack

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I'd trust their products. Have their commander bar and its a bloody solid bit of kit!
Its an adjustable height rack, you can choose through the plethora of accessories mounts and it works with the wildtrak roller shutter.
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Re: Tub rack

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I've been looking at the same thing myself. Ford rate it to 25kg yet most rack manufacturers sell racks that weigh that much without anything on them, and very few will consider supplying additional supports.

At this stage the two I'm liking best are:
https://www.mountaintop.com.au/product/ ... -rack-150/

The Stockman one has full length supports that they claim spreads the weight more evenly across the roller shutter rails and that lets them increase weight limits without an additional support.

The Mountain Top one has an additional support. It certainly not cheap, especially of you go for a full rack, but if anyone knows what's needed you'd assume Mountain Top do. Granted they don't make the new power roller shutters for Ford, but I believe they supplied all of the previous non-powered versions for Ford, and they manufacture their own powered shutters so they must know a thing or two about what these things are capable of.

I like the Stockman one as it's low profile, but I worry that with the full length supports it'll make it difficult to reach over the side of the tub to access things (or impossible of you add a full rack on top). I don't like added height of the Mountain Top one (200mm above the shutter) as it then makes loading the rack more difficult and means the weight is higher and likely creating more wind resistance, but it's designed that way to allow access over the tub sides.

Despite the height, and the price, I'm favouring the Mountain Top at the moment just purely because I think they are the one company who must know these shutters best. The fact that Moutain Top, with their knowledge of these shutters, do supply an extra support just makes me doubt all of the others even more. I've spoke to heaps of other suppliers, most of which just aren't interested in explaining how their racks can hold more weight than the Ford spec.
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Re: Tub rack

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Check out the lid style ysed by ronny dahl on his hilux build. Theyre available for rangers and can carry a fair weight.
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Re: Tub rack

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