Tray organiser and rackless awning

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Tray organiser and rackless awning

Post by newbieranger8 »

I am looking for a tray organiser for my Wildtrak, primary purpose will be for groceries, the shutter should still be able to operate and close any recommendations?

Saw something on the internet but would prefer to go to something Australian made , rather spend the money inside our economy than giving it outside Australia if possible.

Picture attached for something close I think

Also some recommendations for a rack-less awning which can be mounted on factory installed roof rails

Dont intend to modify the vehicle as yet, but planning a trip to Alice Springs from Melbourne, as and when the rules allow for it , will be driving with two kids any recommendations on what should I be equipped with ? Image

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Re: Tray organiser and rackless awning

Post by Trublu »

I have a Ute Tub divider similar to the one in the image which is ok, can be placed in different positions of the tub. You can get these from most Auto stores.

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Re: Tray organiser and rackless awning

Post by PLWildtrak »

When I first got my Ranger a year ago I wanted something as a stop-gap measure before getting drawers fitted.
We'd had some furniture delivered and I cut up the boxes that they came in to make something that would tide me over.
Basically 2 square boxes (front & back) on the passenger side, and 2 long boxes about 250mm wide running the full length of the tub on the drivers side.
All 4 boxes are about 200mm deep.
It was just supposed to tide me over for a month or so until I worked out which drawers I wanted, but it actually works so well I've just kept them.
Put stuff that is in the car permanently but that I don't need often (tools etc) in the front passenger side square box as I can't reach that.
The other 3 can all pull in and out for easy access and stop stuff sliding everywhere.
Crude? Yes, but it cost me nothing and works great.
When I want to big stuff in the back it takes about 10 seconds to pull the boxes out.
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