Glow Plug light?

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Glow Plug light?

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I have a 2017 XLT and live in Brisbane. Last year I had the glow plugs replaced under warranty at 60,000km.
I really only drive the vehicle when towing my van and I noticed recently that the glow plug light was not coming on when I turned the key. I know that in the past, the light would come on every time the car was started. The car still starts perfectly every time and runs smoothly.

Is there a fuse that could be gone? Any ideas? Would luv some advice from others who are more in the know than me, which is just about everyone!
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Re: Glow Plug light?

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Fuse in in the high current fuse box below the engine bay electrical module adjacent the fuel filter and the glow plug relay is in front of the battery.

I haven't accessed the high current fuse box but I believe you have to remove the fuse and relay module above it.

Here is the location of the glow plug relay.
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