T5 H4 to LED bulb conversion

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T5 H4 to LED bulb conversion

Post by J. DAVEY »

Hi All,

I have a 2015 T5/T6 Wildtrak for 6 years, every winter I've had to change a headlight bulb or replace a bulb and the block connector as it has melted. Each time I have to get Ford to clear the error code that pops up otherwise the new bulb will not work. Luckily my B.I.L. works for Ford and get him to clear the codes.

I have bought H4 Canbus connectors on Ebay and of course the LED bulbs but the error comes back on once the ignition is turned off and back on.

Has anyone else had similar experiences or anyone got a solution to the issue?


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Re: T5 H4 to LED bulb conversion

Post by Deane »

Sounds like your led canbus h4 could be cheapies, Stedi led lights are renowned for reputable brand that is compatible with rangers
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