My PX Wildtrack, Pliskin

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My PX Wildtrack, Pliskin

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Now i have to show you my truck.
It is a 2014 Ranger px Wiltrack with 3.2 diesel engin with automatic gear box with 115'000km.
I use them for daily driving, off-road, towing.

For recovery i have rhino evolution steel front bumper , ironman 9500 monster winch with synthetic rope.

For lighting in the front, one Hella lightbar serie 350 and one xray vision 240w led light bar.
At the rear i have 2 36w led spot.

I have remove the ball tow hook for use a rockinger vario-bloc system, its alow me to use several tow hook.

Complete chassis treatment with anti-gravel, for better resistance to rust.

The suspension have been remplaced with a TJM heavy-duty set-up.

I have remplaced the original brake with bendix pad and DBA rotor, because i have burn the original brake...

The electrical system undergoes some modification for the light system and for futur modification.

And with my brother we have made a home made custom roof rack.

It use to have a sline sv hard-top. But i sold it to pay the new canopy that i am making with my brother.

It is planned in the future modification, New canopy with under tray drawer and lateral tool box, dual battery system with a gel 230ah battery, solar panel, 6 work led light around the new canopy, auxiliary diesel tank.

Some picture are with winter wheels





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