Full 5/5 suspension lift PX2

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Full 5/5 suspension lift PX2

Post by Makersmark98 »

New build I have nearly completed, going for a 5 inch front and rear suspension lift, along with lots of other goodies I made myself.

-Profender remote res front and rear shocks.
-10in travel rear, modified lower mount to take the longer shock.
-custom UCA's with corrected angles and loads of adjustment on spherical rod ends (less friction). Made these myself after 3d scanning original ones.
-35mm weld in diff drop.
-35 inch wheels with -35 offset (temporary steelies atm)
-terrain tamer parabolic springs.
-custom front bar with winch.
-custom sheetmetal ali snorkel
-utemaster steel tray
-raptor coated chassis.
-custom sheetmetal flares

And lots of other goodies to go on, among the other things i have forgotten.

Will post more pics as it gets more finished. :D
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Re: Full 5/5 suspension lift PX2

Post by Edsel »

Nice work. Do some of these mods need an engineer's certificate?
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Re: Full 5/5 suspension lift PX2

Post by SimonT »

keen to hear your feedback re the parabolics.
I nearly went a set but was advised not for my setup.
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